Sunday, October 24, 2010

Artists recommended

The following artists were recommended to me after my project 2 proposal:

Sabrina Raaf
Amy Youngs
Ken Rinaldo

the work of Drew Browning and Annette Barbier also closely parallels (and in some cases predates) the work of the aforementioned artists. Their work can be seen at the following address

Monday, October 18, 2010


Just read "Eistein's Dreams". A very poetic, lovely book about different possibilities of how time may work in other dimensions. Time seems an important topic for discussion alongside the use of technology in art as so much of contemporary art seems dependent on time. Interaction, which is an increasingly common feature of art created today, relies heavily on a shared concept of time (or space-time).

I've been thinking of possibilities for including this important element in my own work. In doing this, I've been thinking often of a show I attended over a year ago at the Milwaukee Museum of Art titled "Act/React: Interactive Art". ( There is an intriguing section of the curatorial statement that I would like to share here:

"In the twenty-first century, the crisis of representation has been supplanted by a new challenge born of another technological revolution: digital technology that can mimic the real world's reaction to our actions. As such, today's artists must strive to create new forms of art that mirror or distort our interaction with reality"
-George Fifield, guest curator